Are learning & improvement at the core of your care culture?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has set out its 5-year strategy across four key themes that together set out what the CQC’s ambition is to improve care. The four themes are: People and communities: building care around the person, with services driven by people’s needs rather than how providers want to deliver services. Smarter regulation: […]

Preparing for smarter regulation

One of the four themes of the care quality commission’s (CQC) five year strategy is smarter regulation, described as a more ‘dynamic and flexible regulation that provides up-to-date and high quality information and ratings’. The CQC states that their assessment of quality will be different. The CQC’s ambition is to: Move away from relying on […]

CQC a wider perspective

On 27th May, the CQC launched its five year strategy for the ‘changing world of health and social care’, designed to ‘improve care for everyone’. The CQC’s strategy combines learning, experience and contributions from the public, service providers and partners.  The CQC states that the regulation will be more ‘relevant to the way care is […]

Social Care Reform – what will it take?

Proposals to reform adult social care go back as far as I can remember. The latest glimmer of hope, the health and social care white paper published in February 2021. The paper states that the government is ‘committed to the sustainable improvement of adult social care and will bring proposals later this year”. The health […]

Mind your Language Social Care!

How we refer to the people we care for and support, has a direct impact on how they feel. Referring to a person as their bed or room number is disrespectful and depersonalises services for people. Words used to describe practice such as: ‘toileting’, ‘feeding’, ‘changing’, or to describe a person’s care and support needs, […]

Grow your Care Team’s Compliance Confidence

As we move towards a welcomed post Covid world, it is likely the CQC will resume onsite inspections later this year. Whilst a CQC inspection should be a positive experience, a time to celebrate and showcase a care home or care service, an inspection may create fear and anxiety across a staff team. This may […]

Transform your Workplace Culture with Care Leadership Support.

When I left a job that I loved working with some incredible people, my passion for the social care sector and to make a real difference drove me to set up a coach and consultancy service. Given my successful career, experience and knowledge of the sector, when considering what services I offer that will add […]

Living the Values

Giving meaning and life to values helps to shape workplace culture. Here are some top tips from Care Leadership Support, on how to give meaning and bring values to life in the workplace. If you have not already, identify your values. Invite others (colleagues, customers, stakeholders) to share what they feel are the values of […]